WisdomSoft ScreenHunter Pro 5.1.765 Portable


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14 نوفمبر 2010
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WisdomSoft ScreenHunter Pro 5.1.765 Portable | 5.5 MB

ScreenHunter Pro - a program for capturing, processing and editing images. The pride of its authors, apparently, is a unique feature not even get pictures of individual windows, but only certain objects in them. Not unique, but are relatively rare feature - capture text. It is useful if the standard method for isolating and copying does not work. The program also incorporated a graphical editor and the ability to receive images from a scanner.

The selected area may not only have a rectangular shape, but also represent a rounded rectangle, ellipse, polygon or an arbitrary contour. Conveniently implemented to work with hot keys. For example, to captures the whole screen you can assign a combination of Ctrl + F1, but to capture the active window - Ctrl + F2. ScreenHunter can automatically resize images.

Other options:
• Saving images in different formats
• Sending images from screen to e-mail
• Capture video
• Capture DirectX and screen savers
• Capture screen MS-DOS programs
• Automatic adding the screenshots to the curb and the watermark
• All created screens are placed in separate windows
• Capture images from web-pages and long documents with scrolling
• The ability to receive images from a scanner
• can automatically adjust the level of transparency
• The program is integrated graphical editor.


_ScreenHunter_Pro_5.1.765_Portable_.rar.rar.rar - 5.5 MB