What do you do when drop iphone 4s in water


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28 ديسمبر 2011
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Finally, do not purchase as far as possible has the lock version, no end of trouble for the future. Good, if you already had the idea now, then might switch off this page directly, if also had a lingering fear, we welcome you to experience iPhone4S together along with us, the article are final, we will also give the domestic and foreign each big media to iPhone4S the appraisal, for you more advisory opinions. How long on December 26 the fruit monkey game just hadn't the top carriage then obtained has played family's high praise, particularly girl.Lovable picture wind, sharp color, fine picture, but also has the sound effect which does smiles to let each position play the families without doubt to be unable to put down. It is a section of challenge skill and the brains interest intelligence leisure game. The mischievous lovable monkey wish monopolizes all fruits, needed us to help him. Believed that this section of game first relied on the card ha Iraq's icon to win many female students to play family's favor.The operating procedure is similar "the bird", the lovable monkey asks the price with no intention of buying the airborne fruit using the tail, the high and low adjustment angle, gets when the fruit also will bump into some stage props, certainly the stage prop will have the effect respectively, will wait for you to discover slowly, and must use well, can have the twice the result with half the effort effect. This section "Fruit Monkey", when you will play one possibly will have discovered that it was more interesting than "the bird".In you bully the fruit heartily the time underneath must be careful the gravel quantity, but is not infinite. After the renewal, increased the brand-new checkpoint which more scenes and many interests challenge, then should let the fruit bean or sweet potato starch noodles full addiction. Uses the brains, grasps the key the time spot, uses the good stage prop, hits together with the good friend explodes the record. On December 24 Babu eliminates the ball is a section very interesting eliminates the game, its slighting the law eliminates the game with the tradition is the same, but compares the tradition to eliminate plays it to have the elimination happy musical sense.

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