VisualStat 2010 v8.1.2087.0 برنامج شامل للإحصاءات للمبتدئين وكبار الباحثين

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26 أغسطس 2008
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VisualStat 2010 v8.1.2087.0


VisualState برنامج شامل للإحصاءات باستخدام visual approach. يتضمن جميع الإحصاء الوصفية ،
(descriptive statistics) ، أساليب parametric and nonparametric و processing
of graphics data professional presentation of reports as text or tables. جميع
التجارب تظهر في تقرير ذي صلة يقدم خلاصة موجزة والمساعدات للتحليل.
تم تصميم VisualState ليكون سهل الاستخدام ويستعمل كامل القوة للحسابات الإحصائية.
VisualState يوفر التسهيلات اللازمة لعمليات التحليل الإحصائي واستخراج البيانات. VisualState يقدم
إحصاءات وصفية وتحاليل بسيطة للاحصائيين المبتدئين ، وكذلك نماذج معقدة لكبار الباحثين. منصة متخصصة لتصميم
التجارب ومراقبة الجودة تسمح للبرنامج بتوفير الأدوات التي تحتاجها لتحليل البيانات ورؤية نتائج بسرعة.


Core Features

-Exceptionally easy to use
-Microsoft Office look and feel using Ribbon
-Project Manager, organizes analysis
-Includes all common statistical methods
-Clear, comprehensive Help system
-DataReport, report generator
-Full academic references and validation of functions
-Glossary of statistical terms
-Multiple language versions, English and French
-Methods and formulas used in calculations

Data and File Management:

-DataBook, multiple sheets, allows calculation like in Excel spreadsheet
-Unlimited DataSheet capacity , with up to 2,000,000 columns by 2,000,000 rows
-Import/Export Excel, Text, CVS, Html, XML, ... etc.
-Query databases with ODBC
-Read/write reports in portable rich text format (RTF)
-Headers with multiple columns and rows
-Multiple column types, including Currency, Date/Time, Number, Percent and Factor
-Over than 300 built-in functions
-Full localization support, with all regional options
-Easy copy/paste with Microsoft Excel
-Categorization of continuous data
-Assign formulas to columns; columns update when data change
-Multiple Undo/Redo in the DataBook
-Data manipulation: merge, subset, sort, transpose, split, stack, unstack, code
-Generate random numbers (uniform, normal, chi-square, F, t, binomial, Poisson, gamma, exponential)

Descriptive Statistics:

-Arithmetic mean
-Standard deviation (n-1)
-Standard deviation (n)
-Standard error
-95% confidence limit for mean
-99% confidence limit for mean
-Min value
-Max value
-Sample range
-Number of samples
-Geometric mean
-Average deviation
-Log Binomial
-Central Moment
-Count If
-Covariance Matrix
-Durbin Watson
-Log Factorial
-Fisher Inverse
-Log Gamma
-Harmonic Mean
-Incomplete Beta
-Incomplete Gamma
-Interquartile Range
-Max Absolute Index
-Max Absolute Value
-Max Index
-Max Value
-Mean Deviation
-Median Deviation From Mean
-Median Deviation From Median
-Min Absolute Index
-Min Absolute Value
-Min Index
-Min Value


-Pearson's Test
-Likelihood-Ratio Test
-McNemar’s Test
-Bowker's Test of Symmetry
-Cramer's V coefficient
-Contingency Coefficient
-Kappa Coefficient
-Chi-square test for consistency in a 2xk table
-Chi-square test for independence in a pxq table
-Chi-square test for compatibility of K counts
-nxk Chi-squared
-2x2 Chi-squared
-Fisher's exact test
-One-sample chi-squared
-Phi-Coefficient for 2x2 tables
-Cramer coefficient C
-Chi-square test for k independent samples
-Kappa statistic for nominally scaled data

Distribution Functions:

-Negative Binomial

Random Data:


Parametric Methods

-Frequency analysis
-Unpaired t-test
-Paired t-test
-Unequal variance t-test
-Normal distribution Z tests
-F test for equal variances
-Compare two observed values
-Compare 2 sample proportions
-Compare sample and population
-Compare paired proportions
-Z-test of a correlation coefficient
-Z-test of 2 correlation coefficients
-Z-test for correlated proportions
-F-test for the overall mean of K subpopulations
-F-test for K population means
-t-test of a correlation coefficient
-F-test for two population variances
-Sign test for a median
-Sign test for two medians (paired observations)

Charting Data:

-Bar Chart
-Bubble Chart
-Polar Chart
-Radar Chart
-Column Chart
-Line Chart
-Pie Chart
-Area Chart
-Error Bar Chart
-Hi Lo Chart
-Scatter Chart
-Bubble Chart
-Doughnut Chart
-Step Chart
-Histogram Chart
-State-of-the-art graphics engine
-Pictorial gallery simplify graph creation
-Interactively edit attributes (axes, labels, etc.)
-Information display tools: tooltips, ...
-Interval plots area graphs

Regression & Correlation:

-Simple linear and Pearson's correlation
-Multiple and General linear regression
-Influential data identification
-Residual plots and analysis
-Linear-linear correlation
-Repeated measures linear regression
-Spearman rank correlation
-Kendall rank correlation
-Kendall partial rank correlation
-Kendall coefficient of concordance
-Confidence intervals for Kendall's and Spearman's rank correlations

Analysis of Variance

-One-way non-repeated ANOVA
-One-way repeated ANOVA
-Two-way replicated ANOVA
-Two-way repeated ANOVA
-Randomized Block
-Analysis of means

Non-parametric Methods:

-Signed Rank Test for Single Group Median
-Mann-Whitney U-test for Independent-Samples
-Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test for Paired-Samples
-Kruskal-Wallis Rank Sum Test for Independent-Samples
-One-sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test
-Two-sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test
-Paired-Samples Sign Test
-Signed rank test for a mean
-Signed rank test for two mean (paired observations)
-Wilcoxon's matched pairs
-Median test
-Extension of the median test
-Median test of two populations
-Median test of k populations

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