Useful publications detailing the science, technology and industrial applications of Gold include


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12 مارس 2007
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Gold Bulletin

This is a scientific journal on the science, technology and applications of gold. Published quarterly by World Gold Council for over 39 years. It is distributed free via the website . There is an extensive archive of older papers stored in pdf format on the website. Hard copies of articles from back issues can be obtained from World Gold Council, London. ISSN 0017-1557.
Gold Usage

W.S. Rapson and T. Groenewald
Academic Press, 1978, ISBN 0-12-581250-7.
Out of print! This is the 'bible' for metallurgists on gold metallurgy and manufacturing technology. A revised edition is awaited. If you can find a copy, keep it!
Gold - Progress in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Technology

Edited by Hubert Schmidbaur
Wiley,1999, ISBN 0-471-97369-6.
Based on a gold conference held in Germany, this is a useful up-to-date reference book with chapters written by experts on many aspects of gold science, technology and its applications.
‘New Industrial Applications for Gold’ Conferences

Held in 2003 (Vancouver) and 2006 (Limerick) the websites from these conferences contain lots of information of current research interests on gold, see, and
Gold Refiners and Bars Worldwide

Grendon International Research, 1991,
ISBN 0-646-03150-3.
This book contains useful sections on gold properties, refining and applications as well as a wealth of information on gold bars and gold refiners.
Handbook of Precious Metals

Edited by E.M. Savitskii,
Hemisphere Publishing,
ISBN 0-89116-709-9.
An English translation of the Russian book, this reference book contains a wealth of information, often reflecting Russian interests in the use of precious metals including gold.
The Gold Companion

T. Green,
Rosendale Press, 1997,
ISBN 1-872803-37-7.
This book is a mine of information on all aspects of gold and its uses, including historical and economic aspects.
IPMI Conference Proceedings.

The International Precious Metals Institute of Florida, USA hold technical conferences on precious metals and their applications. Some useful papers are found in some books of conference proceedings. They also sell a number of books on precious metals relevant to jewellery.
IPMI, 4400 Bayou Boulevard, Suite 18, Pensacola, Fl. 32503-1908, USA, Tel: +1 850 476 1156; fax: +1 850 476 1548; e-mail: [email protected]; Web:
Precious Metals Science and Technology

Edited by L.S.Benner, T.Suzuki, K.Meguro and S.Tanaka,
Is a translation of a Japanese publication of 1985. This English translation is published by IPMI, 1991 and covers all aspects of the precious metals.

(Precious Metals Handbook),
produced by Degussa Ag, Hüthig GmbH,
Heidelberg, Germany, 1995.
ISBN 3-7785-2448-8.
In German. This is a comprehensive handbook on the properties, extraction, science and applications of the precious metals. An excellent source of detailed information on the various properties of gold and its alloys and their industrial use.
The Chemistry of Gold

Richard J. Puddephatt
Elsevier, 1978
Covers gold chemistry in 11 chapters including co-ordination chemistry, organometallic compounds, reaction mechanisms. May be currently out of print.
Phase Diagrams of Ternary Gold Alloys

A. Prince, G Raynor and D Evans
The Institute of Metals, 1990
ISBN 0-904357-50-3
Useful book for those seeking phase diagrams containing gold
Catalysis by Gold

Geoffrey Bond, Catherine Louis and David Thompson
Imperial College Press, 2006, ISBN 978-1-86094-658-5
Recent book decribing the science, technology and applications of gold as an industrial catalyst.
Gold Chemistry: Applications and Future Directions in the Life Sciences

Fabian Mohr (Editor)
ISBN: 978-3-527-32086-8
NEW text covering all aspects of gold chemistry - from homogeneous to heterogeneous catalysis, from supramolecular assemblies to sensors and medicinal applications
Modern Supramolecular Gold Chemistry: Gold-Metal Interactions and Applications

Antonio Laguna (Editor)
ISBN: 978-3-527-32029-5
Covers the fundamental aspects of chemistry, while also considering new applications of gold compounds in catalysis, as nanoparticles, and their potential application as luminescent compounds
Gold - Science and Applications

Edited by C. Corti and R. Holliday
A NEW work on the science and applications of gold. It offers information from a number of sciences, including chemistry, physics, nanotechnology and metallurgy. It presents a myriad of applications, ranging from electronics to medicine and optics.
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd, Published: 01 December 2009. Format: Hardback (444 pages). ISBN 13: 9781420065237 ISBN 10: 1420065238

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