Supervision of Diploma and Master Thesis

Dr. Wassem

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27 مايو 2014
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As a leading germen Company on bringing 3D Laser Scanning and measurement technology to the Middle East and North Africa, we are pleased to announce our readiness to participate in the Supervision of Diploma and Master Thesis, in 3D Laser Scanning for industrial as well as Geospatial fields, for the Middle East and North Africa universities’ students

Through our participation as a Supervisor on your thesis, we ensure that you/your University can get

High qualified European Supervision on your research

Provide the necessary equipment’s and Software’s needed for the practical section of the research

Big chance to practice and get sufficient knowledge about the advanced technology we offer

Recommendation upon Qualification Letter

Teamwork and high standard scientific atmosphere

For more info. Please feel free to contact us
Dr.-Eng. Wassem Baherli
E-Mail: [email protected]

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