Structural Analysis Of Dual Submarine Pipelines During Laying

امين الزريقي

إستشاري الهندسة المدنية
22 سبتمبر 2008
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التحليل الانشائي لخط انابيب بحري مزدوج اثناء التمديد

الخط المقصود هو خط انابيب نفط مزدوج (يشمل انبوبين) وهذه الدراسة من تأليف استاذ جامعي في العراق.
وهذا النوع من الدراسات قد يكون نادرا في المراجع المختلفة.

Analysis of single pipeline project had been studied by many authors in last decades. In this study two(dual) pipelines are taken into
consideration to transport oil separately. They are taken to be laid one beside the other or they may be one over the other. The other condition which
studied was taking an equivalent pipe simulating the two pipes. An example was taken to study this analysis. A software called OFFPIPE was used to
find out deflections, bending moments and bending stresses. The results show that the useful method in laying two pipelines is by installing them one
beside the other (horizontal accumulation) because the obtained results of moments of this method for many values of tensions were one third of the
.results of other methods​


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