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15 يناير 2012
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Audio-Technica ATH-WM55 beats by dreTechnica beats by dre from Japan has been the appearance of beats and fine workmanship is known by the majority oflight consumers Recently the author from Kinsale Technology Co. Ltd. has learned triangle WM55 is now priced 269 interested friends can pay attention .Technica ATH-WM55 beats by dre with a quick take-up design which greatly facilitates the users to not only increase the individualelements but also user-friendly cleaning. ATH-WM55 offers black red white and color models ( white hot ) in addition each headset comes with three colors are the shell beats by dre can be changed so a headset can be used when more than one .parameters ATH-WM55 with beats by dre a diameter of 30 mm driver unit frequency response range of 10-23000Hz sound pressure sensitivity 108dB/mW impedance of 20Ω maximum input power of 500mW any portable device can be easily driven . ATH-WM55 including cablemachine weighs about 90 grams Cable length 1 m diameter 3.5 mm gold-plated L- plug in the Triangle this family as a relatively inexpensive product.Comments: Iron Triangle only makes the brand has been very attracted to use a variety of replacement housing is attractive to consumers from the quality appearance and reputation of all the parties concerned WM55 is indeed a cost-effective products. Only 269price well worth starting interested persons can contact the following businesses then referred to will get more offers and surprises True Blood MAKER In-Ear Headphones Bluetooth wireless headset