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8 مارس 2006
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The Product of Your Performance

Your personal productivity cannot be measured simply by what you are

If what you are doing is not getting you to where you want to go
your time is not being spent productively.

Rather, personal productivity is measured by what is produced from that performance, the product of
your performance.

For example, I work with a laptop. I write articles, develop
spreadsheets and update my database about as fast and efficiently as
anyone I know. During the first six months I owned the laptop I loaded
it with an incredible amount of data, pounding away at the keyboard
like it was a fine piano. On a scale of one to ten, I would initially rate
my personal productivity with respect to this task, as a nine or a ten. I
was a super achiever.

Well, except for one small detail. I did not back up my work. I don’t
why I neglected this task because I have always backed up my work. The
hard drive on the laptop crashed, burned and died and I lost everything
I had put into it for six months.

Now, what was my productivity on a scale of 1-10? Zero. Nothing. See my
performance was a nine or a ten but neglecting to do a key step,
up the work, resulted in the product of my performance being a zero, as
if I had not done it at all.

If you are working at a job that is not fulfilling for you, you are
doing it because of the paycheck only, then you are not operating at a
high level of personal productivity. 80% of those who go to work on
Monday morning would rather be somewhere else. You are a cog that makes
money. You may be able do that dreaded job quicker, faster and better
than anyone else but if it’s a job that doesn’t excite you and fulfill
you, you’re not at a high level of personal productivity.

If you are on a path where your marriage may end in divorce, (and 50%
of all marriages end up in divorce), through which you may have to give up
a significant percentage of everything you have ever worked for in your
adult life, you are not being very productive. Making all that money
over the years only to give much of it away to a person you have
learned to hate is not an example of high personal productivity. The
performance was making all that money in the first place. But the product of the
performance was to create a property settlement fund in your divorce.

Examine everything you are doing. Is it getting you to where you want
to go in your life? Is your performance creating the product you want to
achieve? If not, fix it. Change your performance to deliver the right
product to you and truly operate at high productivity levels.

Want to get better focus and increase your productivity now? You can
easily get more of the important things done, in less time, with less

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