Process controlارجوا تكرمكم بمساعتي

29 يوليو 2007
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Process controlارجوا تكرمكم بمساعتي
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Chemical Proecess Control

Achemical process plant is an arrangement of processing units, reactors heat exchangers, pumps, distillation columns, absorbers, evaporators, tanks etc, integrated with one another in a systematic and rational manner. The plant’s overall objective is to convert certaion raw materials input feedstock into desired products using available sources of energ, the operation of a chemical process must imbrove several requirements, Safety and Production specifications, and Environmental, operatinal constraints, Economics.
The physical description of the dynamic process control system behavior of several systems was examined. With this background we can extend the discussion to a complate control system and introduce the fundamental concept of feedback. In order to work with a familiar system, control system has the opportunity to contrl many very useful and interesting industrial automation system, perhaps the most characteisterstic quality of control engineering is the opportunity to control machines and industrial and economic processes for the benefit of society,therefor control engineering is not limited to any engineering discipline but is equally applicable for aeronautical chemical, mechanical, environental, civil, and electrical, a control systems is an interconnection of components forming a system configuration that will provide a desired system response.the basis for analysis of the system is the foundation provided by linear system theory,which assumes acause-effect relationship for the components of system. Therefor a component or process to be controlled and represented the input-output relationsip represents the causeand-effect relationsip of the process,which in turn represents a processing of the input signal to provide an output signal varible to utilizes a controller or control actuator to obtain the desired response,

The processes used in or control systems have been described by transfer fucnctions that were derived by applying fundamental principles of physics and chemical engineering (e.g), Newton Law, material balance, heat transfer fluid mechanics reaction kinetics
temperature, pressure, are described. Theory is introduced to illustrate current practice. Simulations of dynamic behaviour of processes will make use of the MATLAB/Simulink programming environment

Heat Exchanger Procedure
We consider the stirred-tank heater shown in fig, 1. The liquid is heated by a coil mechanism through which a low-pressure steam is passed. The plant model
Tp = ke^-Tds
M1 [T1cs+1][T2cs+1

this equation for first order
and I need second order

Project Aim:
The Aim of this project to investigate the design temperature of process control techniques for a typical process , e.g.
Project Objectives:

The objectives of this project to design a chemical process control system, and to measured process variable is lube liquid temperature exiting, the exchanger represents the order of the set point simulation date to a chives the result of the set point tracking, and to illustrates temperature control of heat exchanger, and to provide data for the heat area classification of temperature pressure,

1 - Smulate a process, e.g. A heat exchanger

2 - Continue- PID Controller

3 –Cascod design

4 - Feed Forward design

5 -Digitale Smulaitions
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