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Power Excel 2013 with MrExcel LiveLessons
English | 1.97GB
Genre: E-learning
8 Hours of Video Instruction

You will save over 100 hours per year with the Excel techniques found in Power Excel 2013 with MrExcel LiveLessons!

• Start-to-finish personal training on Excel 2013: just watch and learn!

• Simple, quick video walkthroughs of the tasks you perform most often!

• Great personalized training at a fraction of the cost...for everyone who doesn't have time to read a book!

You have Microsoft Excel 2013…now get these video lessons and master it faster and more easily than ever before! In 97 quick video lessons, Power Excel 2013 with MrExcel shows how to maximize your productivity using Excel's best tools and shortcuts. Expert Bill Jelen simplifies powerful features including PivotTables, PowerPivot, Charting, Flash Fill, VLOOKUP, Combo Chart, Mail Merge, SmartArt, and more! Get more done faster with Excel Web App, the Quick Access Toolbar, and keyboard shortcuts…control and analyze data more effectively…communicate more visually with charting tools…and plenty more! Just watch: You’ll master high-powered Excel 2013 skills at your own paceвЂ"and get specific answers and solutions immediately, whenever you need them! For anyone who wants to master Microsoft Excel 2013 fastвЂ"from novices to experienced power users.

Part I: Excel Interface, Downloadable Version

1 Sign-in to Office: The Account Page, Saving to the Cloud

2 Start Screen, Open Screen, Recent Documents

3 Excel on Two Screens, Window Arrange

4 Flash Fill

5 Quick Analysis

6 Apps for Office

7 Customizing Ribbon and QAT

8 Keyboard Shortcuts

9 Page Layout View

10 Customize All Future Workbooks

11 Copy Worksheets

12 Change All Worksheets

13 Saving Workbook to PDF

14 Finding Icons

15 Snow Blindness

Part II: Text, Downloadable Version

16 Drag the Fill Handle to Extend a Series (1Q 2011

17 Create Your Own Series (including ABC

18 Joining Text

19 Rapid Formula Copy (note fill handle change)

20 Convert to Proper Case

21 Joining Dates

22 Converting Formulas to Values (including Paste Special)

23 Breaking Apart Text

Part III: Formulas, Downloadable Version

24 AutoSum Tricks

25 Formula Auditing

26 Three Ways of Entering Formulas

27 Relative Versus Absolute Formulas (replace absolute by naming range)

28 Tables and Table Formulas

29 Discovering Functions such as PMT

30 Goal Seek

31 What-If with Data Table

32 IF Formulas, including IFERROR & SUMIFS

33 VLOOKUP (Basic, Trim, Many, Horizontal, Two-way, Range, Array)

34 Date and Time, including time in excess of 24 hours, format as Qtr, NETWORKDAYS

35 Implicit Intersection

36 Array formula for date range

Part IV: Sort & Filter, Downloadable Version

37 Data Preparation

38 One-Click Sorting

39 Sorting by Color

40 Sorting by Weekday

41 Rearranging Columns

42 Sort with a Formula

43 Filter by Selection, plus ad-hoc totals

44 Other ways to Filter (Search, Icon, Top 10)

45 Remove Duplicates

Part V: Subtotals, Downloadable Version

46 Subtotals

47 Collapsing Subtotals

48 Copy Subtotals

49 Formatting Subtotals

50 Sorting Subtotals

51 Changing Sum to Count in 1 column

52 Manual Grouping

53 Data Consolidate

Part VI: Pivot Tables, Downloadable Version

54 Creating a Pivot Table (including Recommended Pivot Tables)

55 Changing a Pivot Table

56 Pivot Gotchas

57 Pivot Formatting, including Tabular & Repeat Item Labels

58 Drill Down

59 Pivot Calculations, Including % of Parent Row

60 Summarizing Dates, add Year-over-Year

61 Pivot Sorting

62 Filtering Row Fields (including Search)

63 Top 10 Report, 4 Ways, including AutoFilter and Data Model

64 Filtering a Pivot Table with Slicers and Timelines

65 Pivot Tables - Slicers on Two Pivot Tables

66 50 Reports in 5 Seconds

67 Base on a table, force a new cache

68 Frequency Chart

69 Matching Two Lists

70 Using GetPivot Data

Part VII: Power Pivot, Downloadable Version

71 Join two tables in the data model

72 Join two tables in PowerPivot

73 Calculations in the Grid

74 Date Table in PowerPivot

75 Calculated Fields

76 Power View

Part VIII: Charting, Downloadable Version

77 Creating a Recommended Chart

78 Tools for Formatting a Chart

79 Chart Data Labels

80 New Combo Chart to Chart Different Orders of Magnitude

81 Scatter Charts and Paste Special

82 Saving Favorite Chart Settings

83 Add : Sparklines 1

84 Add: Labeling Sparklines

85 Color Scales, Icon Sets, Data Bars

86 Creating SmartArt

87 Smart Art Formulas

Part IX: Tips & Tricks, Downloadable Version

88 Turn Data (add Formula)

89 Choose from a List

90 ToolTips for a Cell

91 Mail Merge

92 Have a Talk with Excel

Part X: Excel Web App, Downloadable Version

93 Web Data Functions (EncodeURL, Webservice, FilterXML)

94 Saving Workbook to Excel Web App, Share Via Twitter

95 Embedding in a web page or blog

96 Excel Button

97 Surveys

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