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22 يونيو 2011
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1/A d.c. wheatstone bridge has resistance of 20 ohm in arm BC, 500 ohm in arm CD and 200 ohm in arm AD.what will be the resistance in arm AB if the bridge is balanced?
The voltage is 7

2/A d.c. wheatstone bridge has a 5.0 v supply connected between point A and C and agalvanometer of 50 ohm between point B and D .what will be the current through the galvanometer when the resistance in the bridge arms are AB 120 ohm ,BC 120 ohm, CD 120 ohm and DA 120.1 ohm?
The voltage is 7

3/A platinum resistance thermometer has a resistance at 0C of 120 ohm and form one arm of wheastone bridge. At this temperature the bridge is balanced with each of the other arms also being 120 ohm.the temperature coefficient of resistance of the platinum is 0.0039C. what will be the output voltage for change in temperature of 20C if the instrument used to measure it can be assumed to have infinite resistance and the supply voltage with negligilble internal resistance for the bridge is 6.0v?
The voltage is 7

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