Pinnacle Studio Plus 10.5.1 Titanium Edition Bonus DVD


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15 مارس 2006
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Salamo alikom:
Introducing Pinnacle Studio Plus version 10.5 Titanium Edition, the most advanced and powerful home video editing solution available today. Get Studio’s easy, intuitive process, plus added power and control to unleash your creativity. Quickly and reliably capture and edit your media from popular consumer electronic devices, including the newest HDV camcorders.

* More Power, Effects and Options
Studio Plus Titanium Edition brings added power, a larger effects palette and expanded distribution options. Studio Plus Titanium Edition now includes Pinnacle RTFX volume 1, a $99 value, at no additional cost. Pinnacle RTFX volume 1 adds twenty unique effects to the hundreds that are already included. Now you can take all of your blockbuster creations anywhere with seamless one click export to your Apple iPod, Sony PSP and favorite DivX consumer device. NEW!

* Simplicity and Ease-of-Use
The intuitive user interface with simple three-step process effortlessly guide you through the 1) Capture, 2) Edit and 3) Share steps and make learning and using Studio Plus literally a breeze.

* Keyframeable Real-time Effects with Preview
Pinnacle Studio Plus now includes hundreds of keyframeable and format independent (SD and even HD) real-time effects and transitions.

* Built-in DVD Authoring
Pinnacle’s fully integrated CD and DVD authoring workflow allows you to easily create DVDs with motion menus and custom navigation on the fly for playback on most consumer DVD players or DVD capable computers.

* All Popular Sources and Formats Including HD
Pinnacle Studio Plus now gives you the power in combination with Studio’s celebrated ease-of-use to capture video from the latest consumer HDV camcorders and DVD video cameras.

* Professional TV Style Effects
With Pinnacle Studio Plus, you can create the extraordinary real-time multi-track editing and effects that you see on TV everyday like Chroma Key (green or blue screen) and Picture-in-Picture (PIP).

* Studio Plus version 10.5 Titanium Edition is also available with hardware.

Studio Plus 700-PCI
Use the easy-to-install internal 700-PCI card to capture video on your PC from most camcorders or VCRs and view results or record back to tape in real-time.

Studio Plus 700-USB
Connect the 700-USB external device to capture video on your desktop or laptop PC from most camcorders or VCRs and view results or record back to tape in real-time.

* See rebate forms for applicable terms, conditions and expiry dates. Pinnacle reserves the right to change without notice the terms and conditions, or modify the offer, or end the offer at any time without notice.

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17 فبراير 2006
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