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9 يناير 2012
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Newport Cigarettes ccording to the special details to carry on processing, a customer manager will carry on first through company's business management system to customer on-line ordering "is authorized". Needs to pay attention what in here: Because the customer forgot that the password the situation and the customer rewiring system causes the failure processing way which the system is unable to register to vary the type. The difference is: If the customer is causes the ordering system is unable to register because of the system rewiring, customer manager only needs in the business management system to carry on "the permission initialization" to customer on-line ordering then, but does not need to carry on to the customer "is authorized".But if the customer is wrong is unable because of on-line ordering password to register system, that customer manager needs to carry on to customer on-line ordering "is authorized", at this time cannot only be carries on "the permission initialization" the operation, otherwise has possibility inextricability this kind of customer, because after revision password or forgetting password, creates breakdown situation which the system is unable to register. Because has the different processing mode in here two kind of breakdown situation, therefore customer manager when carries on processing one needs to act according to the concrete breakdown situation surely to adopt the correct way to carry on processing, avoids because of the processing mode to not giving the customer normal on-line ordering to create the delay.Customer manager prompts:��In order to avoid the customer, because the password question causes to be unable to order normally, customer manager puts forward the following several proposals:1. if the customer uses for that computer others who orders not to use or does not need to make the system modifies frequently, then the suggestion customer may not need to revise on-line ordering password. Because on-line ordering system one after a computer authorization use, was unable on other computer to carry on has registered normally,Cheap Newport Cigarettes Free Shipping, the system met a straight prompt "your main engine already to initialize", therefore others had known the customer permit number and the password, it was also unable on a computer not to carry on registers, therefore one will not have the adverse effect to the customer.2. if the customer uses for the computer which orders usually to use the personnel to be many, the customer to guarantee that the ordering system's security carries on the password revises, then the author suggested you revise the password do not be extremely simple, do not by ownOther people and so on birthday, handset number, ID card number often understood the information establishes the password, after guaranteeing the card establishment password security.3. the customer must exhort in the family to use computer's personnel,Cheap Newport Cigarettes Online, specially in family's child, the child curiously grieves, very easily because of curious and makes the revision to on-line ordering password.

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