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28 ديسمبر 2011
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Newport Cigarettes ee to be possible to enter the national sports team. These had become unfortunately afterward people of the world's lucky. Each people knew that Yuan Longping had afterward become "father of the hybrid rice". In that morning "in the Chinese dream fulfilling big line" and at afternoon's Chinese dream fulfilling saluting magnificent ceremony, the easy culmination to say on two times "the envy" that Yuan Longping is in the world bean or sweet potato starch noodles most people,Newports, because "has the rice is your bean or sweet potato starch noodles, they are called the rice noodle".When the seeing a doctor waits, Yuan Longping sits honestly on the outpatient service hall bench; When the medical care personnel confess the inspection notice, he hears earnestly,, expression likely physical examination's elementary student. Physical examination period, Yuan Longping needs again and again to a pipe inspiration, the expiration, the air flush. This movement is redundant more than 20 times, has spent for one hour. Each time again tries, he spunks up in the once in a while cough sound, regroups after a defeat, "this time prepared" appearance. Secretary Yuan Longping's indicated that when Yuan Longping comes Guangzhou, crosses the high-valence iron security check not to want the distinguished guest channel; Attends magnificent ceremony's west trousers is he from picks pockets, spends 60 Yuan to buy, the western-style clothing has spent more than 500 Yuan.Smoking ten big "advantage"? "Bottleneck."When examines the physical examination report, Zhong Nanshan has used this kind of word. The Yuan Longping lungs slightly have the micro illness, but is not the pulmonary emphysema, in controllable scope. Yuan Longping muttered, has been redundant. Bottleneck is meaning of the bottleneck. "academician Yuan, your body foundation is good. The heart is very good, the liver function is very good, the muscle is also very good, is the lungs a little small question, but does not have any bad pathological change. These questions

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