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27 ديسمبر 2011
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Newport Cigarettes d After selling outright the quota bill implements, the BSC leadership hoped that increases the market marketing dynamics, enhances the leaf tobacco sales volume. After implementing the contract system, the tobacco company will defer to the contract purchase smoke agriculture production the leaf tobacco. Some companies have the big demand to some spot or certain style's Bai Leiyan, is actually unable the revise contract.Meanwhile, smoke agriculture, because the worry is unable to achieve the average output, also will plant some leaf tobacco. Bumped into the year's harvest, the output surpasses the contract quantity, the smoke agriculture needs to find the reasonable way,Cheap Newport Cigarettes, sold these prolificacy's leaf tobacco. " This is an opportunity: Looks for sales leaf tobacco for the smoke agriculture the market, simultaneously to need the American Bai Leiyan customer to provide the stable source of goods. " Grimm said that " We give the smoke agriculture fair treatment constantly, simultaneously purchases the high grade leaf tobacco. " This year, the BSC Tennessee branch signed the contract with more than 1000 smoke agriculture, the plan has purchased 15,000,000 pounds (to be approximately equal to 6,800,000 kilograms) Bai Leiyan. Is the same with other smoke agriculture cooperative society, BSC bumps into at present a big challenge is: Must do everything possible to satisfy the market the quality requirement. Along with American a series of tobacco control laws' and regulations' releasing, the tobacco manufacturer is requested only to use tallies the American law to remain the stipulation leaf tobacco about the pesticide. "For the stable leaf tobacco quality, we have carried out the good agricultural standard this year (GAP), and carries on non-periodically to the smoke agriculture's fulfillment situation inspects on the spot. " Grimm indicated that " We are very close with the Tennessee State University agricultural center's relations, also pays great attention to play their role. " At present, in the leaf tobacco quality control, the Maleoyl jing remains has become a core target.BSC is obvious in this aspect superiority: Springfield peripheral production's Bai Leiyan is the American Maleoyl jing residual quantity is lowest. Raises the output to be imminent In September,Newports Cigarettes, BSC holds the annual meeting in Springfield. At the meeting pointed out that Bai Leiyan crop production, if continues to survive gets down, must raise the output in a short time. after in 2004 the tobacco quota bill abolished, the agronomist once predict that Bai Leiyan the average output very quick will increase, the reason will be many yearly average output low area will possibly be eliminated the market. But the matter is not true. " Bai Leiyan the production status is abjective. I thought originally this year each acre (1 acre will be approximately equal to 0.4 hectare) the output to amount to 2400 pounds, but the present had not seen will have surpasses 2200 pounds. " In the Kentucky tobacco promotion economist Will history.

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