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9 يناير 2012
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Newport Cigarettes ble way. Tobacco growers from all over the world and their governments will have to remind the WHO of its initial purposes when article 17 was put in the FCTC.Because had two tobacco purchase business to raise the leaf tobacco price, the Kenyan Migori county's more than 50000 smoke agriculture had the reason to reveal the smiling face. In the past, these smoke agriculture threat launched the strike on the tobacco low in price. According to these two company's before Christmas day Christmas Eve issue's recent price list, unites a company now the highest rank leaf tobacco to the smoke agriculture payment price for each kilogram 159 shillings, but the UK-US Tobacco Company for the same rank, the same quantity's leaf tobacco provides the price is 158 shillings.Before raising the price, unites a company in Migori, Uriri, Rongo, west Kuria and east the Kuria area the price which provides to this rank's leaf tobacco for each kilogram 114 shillings, but the UK-US Tobacco Company gives to the similar rank's tobacco the price is 113 shillings. The smoke agriculture once requested to possess the rank the tobacco to enhance to at least 200 shillings. United company's business affair Manager Patrick Kimani saying that this was for " These be not aware of fatigue have devoted to production tobacco " A smoke agriculture Christmas present.He said: " As a result of current market conditions universal murky, speaking of Kenya's smoke agriculture, this price is beneficial. " After two companies announced new price very quick accepted the interview smoke agriculture saying that they expressed satisfaction to company's this procedure, and requested that these two company's management will raise from now on further price.Meanwhile, signs the contract with another company Mastermind tobacco Kenya Corporation the smoke agriculture, already opened one week to this company in this area's leaf tobacco market actually not to announce that the new price feels indignant. These smoke agriculture threat said that if does not have the good price, they give the tobacco sell its match company. They also requested Mastermind tobacco Kenya Corporation to pay to them in the past two seasons accumulate,Newports, the grand total surpassed 90,000,000 shillings to pay money. However, Mastermind tobacco Kenya Corporation's business affair Manager Josh Kirimania said that they also in the computation, obtain for the smoke agriculture best price.But, the Kenyan Smoke Peasant association meets chief executive officer Joseph Wanguhu to tell Mastermind tobacco Kenya Corporation to quickly announce provides the new price to the smoke agriculture, otherwise, the company definitely will suffer the loss in this quarter's leaf tobacco purchase. Mr. Joseph Wanguhu said at a Migori city's press conference: " If Mastermind tobacco Kenya Corporation to the end of December time has not been able to announce that the new price,Cheap Newport Cigarettes Online, solves it to owe this local smoke agriculture several million shillings debts, we will not allow our smoke agriculture to sell.

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