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28 فبراير 2006
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السلام عليكم , أنا أخوكم طارق من سوريا أسئلكم بما تعلمون عن ال fuzzy box "in matlab"
و لكم الشكر .

سمو الامير

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1 يونيو 2007
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هذا ما وجدته لا أعرف إن كان سيساعدك أم لا

Fuzzy Logic Toolbox
Version 2.2 (R14SP1) 05-Sep-2004

GUI editors
anfisedit - ANFIS training and testing UI tool.
findcluster- Clustering UI tool.
fuzzy - Basic FIS editor.
mfedit - Membership function editor.
ruleedit - Rule editor and parser.
ruleview - Rule viewer and fuzzy inference diagram.
surfview - Output surface viewer.

Membership functions.
dsigmf - Difference of two sigmoid membership functions.
gauss2mf - Two-sided Gaussian curve membership function.
gaussmf - Gaussian curve membership function.
gbellmf - Generalized bell curve membership function.
pimf - Pi-shaped curve membership function.
psigmf - Product of two sigmoid membership functions.
smf - S-shaped curve membership function.
sigmf - Sigmoid curve membership function.
trapmf - Trapezoidal membership function.
trimf - Triangular membership function.
zmf - Z-shaped curve membership function.

Command line FIS functions
addmf - Add membership function to FIS
addrule - Add rule to FIS.
addvar - Add variable to FIS.
defuzz - Defuzzify membership function.
evalfis - Perform fuzzy inference calculation.
evalmf - Generic membership function evaluation.
gensurf - Generate FIS output surface.
getfis - Get fuzzy system properties.
mf2mf - Translate parameters between functions.
newfis - Create new FIS.
parsrule - Parse fuzzy rules.
plotfis - Display FIS input-output diagram.
plotmf - Display all membership functions for one variable.
readfis - Load FIS from disk.
rmmf - Remove membership function from FIS.
rmvar - Remove variable from FIS.
setfis - Set fuzzy system properties.
showfis - Display annotated FIS.
showrule - Display FIS rules.
writefis - Save FIS to disk.

Advanced techniques
anfis - Training routine for Sugeno-type FIS (MEX only).
fcm - Find clusters with fuzzy c-means clustering.
genfis1 - Generate FIS matrix using generic method.
genfis2 - Generate FIS matrix using subtractive clustering.
subclust - Estimate cluster centers with subtractive clustering.

Miscellaneous functions
convertfis - Convert v1.0 fuzzy matrix to v2.0 fuzzy structure.
discfis - Discretize a fuzzy inference system.
evalmmf - For multiple membership functions evaluation.
fstrvcat - Concatenate matrices of varying size.
fuzarith - Fuzzy arithmatic function.
findrow - Find the rows of a matrix that match the input string.
genparam - Generates initial premise parameters for ANFIS learning.
probor - Probabilistic OR.
sugmax - Maximum output range for a Sugeno system.

GUI helper files
cmfdlg - Add customized membership function dialog.
cmthdlg - Add customized inference method dialog.
fisgui - Generic GUI handling for the Fuzzy Logic Toolbox
gfmfdlg - Generate fis using grid partition method dialog.
mfdlg - Add membership function dialog.
mfdrag - Drag membership functions using mouse.
popundo - Pull the last change off the undo stack.
pushundo - Push the current FIS data onto the undo stack.
savedlg - Save before closing dialog.
statmsg - Display messages in a status field.
updtfis - Update Fuzzy Logic Toolbox GUI tools.
wsdlg - Open from/save to workspace dialog.

fuzzy is both a directory and a function.

FUZZY Basic FIS editor.
The FIS Editor displays high-level information about a
Fuzzy Inference System. At the top is a diagram of the
system with each input and output clearly labeled. By
double-clicking on the input or output boxes, you can bring
up the Membership Function Editor. Double-clicking on the
fuzzy rule box in the center of the diagram will bring up
the Rule Editor.

Just below the diagram is a text field that displays the
name of the current FIS. In the lower left of the window are
a series of popup menus that allow you to specify the various
functions used in the fuzzy implication process. In the lower
right are fields that provide information about the current
variable. The current variable is determined by clicking once
on one of the input or output boxes


هذا ما وجدته لا أعرف إن كان سيساعدك أم لا

بدر حمد

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7 أكتوبر 2007
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اشكرك سمو الامير نيابة عن اخوي طارق