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27 ديسمبر 2011
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Immediately, "double happiness" the king pin price section mainly concentrates between retail price 60 Yuan/- 110 Yuan/, the retail price is 60 Yuan/"double happiness (soft)", 80 Yuan/"double happiness (hard)", 100 Yuan/"double happiness (soft classics)", 110 Yuan/"double happiness (hard classics)" and so on is "double happiness" the main force product, specially the retail price is 100 Yuan/"double happiness (soft classics)" and 110 Yuan/"double happiness (hard classics)" is growing gradually into "Double happiness" in brand sales volume scale core support.What is worth mentioning specially, the retail price is 160 Yuan/"double happiness (classics 1906)" and 200 Yuan/"double happiness (prosperous times)" is entering a high speed development phase, and has drawn "double happiness" directly 12 kind of smoke product sale, has promoted "double happiness" powerfully the brand structure. "double happiness" present's development center of gravity will struggle the king pin price section toward 12 kind of smoke markets from retail price 100 Yuan/- 110 Yuan/price area promotion to 130 Yuan/- 250 Yuan/price 2011 the first three quarters, "Mt. Hongta", "Baisha", "double happiness" these 3 brand's commercial sales volume has surpassed 2,000,000 box, estimated that in 2011 annual these 3 brands the commercial sales volume will surpass 3,000,000 box hopefully. "3,000,000 box" this is the altitude which Chinese tobacco any brand has not been able to achieve. Takes a broad view at the world, "3,000,000 box" this altitude also sufficiently may be called the world-class brand scale, is only inferior to "Marlboro" this world first big brand altitude. Take "Mt.Hongta" this brand as an example, "Mt. Hongta" first three quarters's commercial sales volume has achieved 2,479,100 box, the 2,156,900 box compared with the same time last year increased 322,200 box, grew 14.94%, estimated that in 2011 the whole year "Mt. Hongta" the commercial sales volume will surpass 3,Wholesale Newports,000,Wholesale Newport Cigarettes,000 box, "Mt. Hongta" the commercial sales volume lead will continue to obtain consolidated.

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