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2 مايو 2007
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See how to use Word 2013 features for authoring reports, white papers, books, and other long documents. First, author Maria Langer explains considerations unique to long documents, before providing best practices and smart strategies for planning your approach. Then see how to set up a logical, effective structure with outlines and master pages, which will help organize your ideas while automatically generating a table of contents, a bibliography, and other document elements. Find out how to add reference items such as cross-references, footnotes, and indexes to guide readers through your work, and place images, tables, and other graphics. Finally, learn about numbering chapters, sections, and pages; adding headers and footers; and formatting and exporting your final document.
Topics include:

Understanding challenges with long documents
Exploring the process for building a long document
Structuring a document with outlines and master pages
Adding captions
Working with footnotes and endnotes
Inserting citations and managing sources
Creating an index with a concordance file
Numbering chapters and pages
Formatting page breaks
Including headers and footers
Adding a cover page
Setting the document theme
Updating automatically generated content
Formatting long-document components
Printing a long document


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