LanTalk NET messenger


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14 نوفمبر 2010
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LanTalk NET messenger

LanTalk NET messenger provides internal instant messaging for Intranet networks, LAN, WAN and VPN. There is no setup required, just installation of the program and the system is fully distributed. The application automatically maintains a live contact list, and uses a variety of fonts, colors and styles to enhance the visual appeal of text messaging. LanTalk.NET uses TCP/IP and UDP protocols to allow PC's to communicate directly with each other without the administrative burden of a server.

For most mid-size companies with networks linking up to 5000 computers, LanTalk.NET is the optimum solution for messaging and file transfer via attachment, practically replacing corporate e-mail. And because LanTalk.NET is a serverless application, administrative tasks and costs disappear. The highly configurable interface and Help systems get even novice users messaging with a minimal learning curve.

LanTalk NET messenger is independent of external networks; the application does not require use of any servers. First of all, this will allow you to save on server setting up and installation. Secondly, it substantially increases the level of solution security, since the less intermediates the information passes on the way from a sender to the recipient, the higher is the possibility that this information will be delivered. Any surplus unit in a system decreases its reliability.

You can choose interface and functionality that you need.

Key Features

File transfers replace e-mail attachments
Broadcast Messaging for instant broadcasting
Terminal Server Support
Serverless operation with live contact list
Paste images from clipboard
Internal Scheduler
HIPAA friendly instant messenger
Active Directory support
Offline delivery
Graphical Emoticons and Embedded Images
Configurable user interface
Read-Only and Reply-Only modes to restrict social chatting
Printing support
Fast Replies
Multilanguage support
Conversation History
Automatic Check for Updates
Message priority


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