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11 يوليو 2006
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I hope if there is any chance you will be able to upload these links on Gulfup website

Visual Basic Essential Training (2013) | 652 MB

Visual Basic is one of the Microsoft core languages for building desktop mobile and web applications. Get started programming with VB using Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows Desktop and these tutorials from David Gassner. The course jump-starts with Hello World projects for three common application architectures (console desktop and Windows Store apps) and shows how to program with VB in both Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation.

The course then outlines the language fundamentals such as data types strings operators conditional code and looping constructs. Plus discover how to package reusable code in functions and subroutines and explore the object-oriented nature of Visual Basic through custom classes.

All Link Download:


Lynda – Visual Studio 2012 Essential Training

Visual Studio is the number one tool for Microsoft developers, whether you’re targeting mobile devices or desktops. Get comfortable in this full-featured development environment and learn how to create a variety of projects, from websites to rich Internet applications.

Author Walt Ritscher helps you dive deep into the basics of creating and debugging applications with Visual Studio, including configuring Visual Studio to support C#, Visual Basic, ASP.NET, and many other languages

Topics include:
Creating a Visual Studio project
Understanding the project types
Working with the Toolbox and Properties windows
Building a user interface with the editors
Exploring tools that enhance your coding sessions
Navigating and formatting your code
Working with Expression Blend for complex UI
Debugging code

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