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11 مايو 2006
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Integrated Engineering Software (IES) 2015.06

Integrated Engineering Software (IES) 2015.06 | 101.5 mb

Integrated Engineering Software (IES) software version 2015.06 from IES Inc. is the latest release of the structural software tools are customer-proven and customer-driven sophisticated tools, but they are very simple for structural engineers to use.

We pay attention to little details, like allowing you to enter data in any unit you like. We also provide immediate error-checking of your input to prevent minor errors from becoming major mistakes. IES tools are easy to learn and use.

Visual- Products

- Integrated Engineering Software VisualAnalysis 12.00.0009
General purpose analysis and design of just about anything. Powerful, flexible, and easy to use. Available in 3 levels to meet your needs.
- Integrated Engineering Software VisualFoundation 6.00.0003
Simplified analysis and design of complex mat foundations and combined footings.
- Integrated Engineering Software VisualShearWall 3.00.0002
Simplified analysis of shear wall systems: rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible diaphragms.
- Integrated Engineering Software VisualPlate 3.00.0001
Simplified bending analysis and design for concrete slabs, walls (in bending) or metal plates.

Utility Products

- Integrated Engineering Software ShapeBuilder 8.00.0005
Section properties calculator, stress analysis, shape database customization.
- Integrated Engineering Software VAConnect 2.00.0004
Steel base plate design, steel shear-tab beam connection design. Available to run stand-alone or within VisualAnalysis (design level or higher). Free with the IES Total Suite or IES Building Suite. See the order-form for pricing.

About IES Inc.

IES (Integrated Engineering Software) is virtually composed of over 3000 engineers and other professionals like you. Behind the scenes, we are simply some guys who, while trained as structural engineers, prefer algorithms to calculators and keyboards to blueprints. We are applying our advanced engineering degrees and experience to helping practicing engineers around the world solve problems sensibly. Since our start in 1994, IES has helped thousands of people, just like you, with structural analysis and design tools that strive for one moniker: Friendly.


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