IconLover 5.17 Portable


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14 نوفمبر 2010
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IconLover 5.17 Portable | 7.3 MB

A powerful, easy-to-use utility for finding, extracting, creating and editing icons and cursors and managing icon libraries and image lists.

With IconLover, you can:
آ» Manage icons, static and animated cursors, icon and cursor libraries and image lists
آ» Create and edit smooth semi-transparent icons, static and animated cursors for Windows XP
آ» Create and edit icons in standard and custom sizes, with color depth up to 32-bit True Color
آ» Make stylish icons from your images
آ» Paint images with gradients and fills
آ» Create multi-layer images
آ» Modify images with drop shadow, opacity, smoothing, negative, grayscale, colorization, rotation, roll and mirror effects
آ» Import and export ICO, BMP, JPEG, ANI, CUR, GIF, PNG, TGA, TIFF, WMF, WBMP, XPM, XBM and Adobe Photoshop PSD image formats
آ» Import Mac OS icons from ICNS and RSRC files
آ» Manage icon libraries for better and more efficient image storage
آ» Extract icons from Windows executables, libraries and animated cursor files, ZIP and RAR archives
آ» Download icons from the Internet
آ» Modify icons inside executables
آ» Search in folders for icons and cursors
آ» Convert or apply effects to multiple icons at once
آ» Customize desktop and folder icons