How to restart Iphone 4s Blue Speed Code


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31 ديسمبر 2011
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The link possibly only sold the contract machine ahead of time, will not promote the bare mobile phone sale. Except first round time, what the white powder on ripe apples or other fruit most worried is whether after selling the first time attains the handset. When the link sells the iPhone first several generation of products, meets the short supply question, even if white powder on ripe apples or other fruit telephone reservation, also takes several weeks to be able to attain the handset.This morning, reporter learned from the link interior that link version iPhone 4s will make an appearance most quickly on next January 10 in the link selling area. It is known that link Hua Sheng orders first batch iPhone 4s will receipt in next month 9th, most quickly in second day of debarkation link selling area. "we estimated the sales time from January 10th to 15th the period."The link internal public figure told the reporters. Last night, communication chain store Xintong announced that takes to sell link version iPhone 4s the gate shop, will accept the consumer on next January 6 to the link version iPhone 4s ordering. Includes with Xintong to sell the camp together, but also has electrical appliances chain-like Soviet rather. "Xintong and Soviet will rather receipt the time to be later than link Hua Shenglue, therefore their true sales time, in the middle ten days."The above link interior public figure expressed. It is known that the iPhone 4s bare mobile phone price is 4999 Yuan.Before this, domestic parallel import market one after another this present existence apple iPhone 4s, at the end of October to the beginning of November period, the parallel import price is more than 7000 Yuan generally. Follows on November 11 after Hong Kong area going on the market, port version iPhone the 4s price appears along with it slides. Unites the generic term, this link will have the few apple 4s bare mobile phone sell.

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