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12 مارس 2007
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Environmental Regulation of Mine Waters in the European Union

European Commission Fifth Framework Programme under the Key Action Sustainable Management and Quality of water.

Shared-cost action RTD project

Contract No. EVK1-CT-2000-00078

ERMITE was a three year research and development project which commenced on 1st February 2001, and was successfully completed on 31st January 2004.

The goal of ERMITE was to provide integrated policy guidelines for developing European legislation and practice in relation to water management in the mining sector. These guidelines had to be coherent with the catchment management approach defined by the Water Framework Directive and the sustainability principles enshrined in the Treaty.

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Disclaimer: Though funded by the European Commission, the views expressed in this web site are not to be construed as representing EU policy.

Summary of ERMITE Project
European national case studies of mine water issues
Overview of the EU and Eastern Europe
Institutional research
European policies and mine waters
Economic analysis of mine water pollution abatement
Mining impacts on the freshwater environment: Technical and managerial guidelines for catchment scale management
National recommendations and workshop reports
Policy interface issues (environmental liability, mining wastes and river basin management)
ERMITE Policy Briefs
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