Could Iphone 4s install a GPS


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12 يناير 2012
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Today slightly arranges recommends several section of photograph performance very formidable handset for everybody, lets everybody in Beijing next winter snow arrival time can also the perfect record. The first section must recommend is naturally the iPhone4S handset, iPhone4S thought that everybody has understood, mainly introduces iPhone4S the photograph function.First was the new back has achieved 8,000,000 picture elements according to type CMOS, compared iPhone4 to promote 60%. Simultaneously this uses the back according to the type CMOS technology's photosensitive part already determined that provides by powerful Sony. Better light effect, brings the more splendid noise spot control and the picture nature performance.Simultaneously the apple was also iPhone4S increases IR to filter the mirror, might reduce is photosensitive the part to the infrared light sensitivity, the promotion picture nature and reduces the picture purity the question. the iPhone4S lens have the relatively strict optics structure, is not in our usual significance thinks the handset equipment that kind of similar pinhole camera's Mongolian person gadget. iPhone 4S compared iPhone4 to increase lens, the altogether 5 lens might the more accurate correction optical fiber incidence, promotion picture sharpness, the official give the data promoted 30% for sharpness.the f/2.4 biggest aperture and probably is the 35mm equivalent focal length, also let this model of handset have the enough PK tradition card camera's strength. On January 10 last weekend, one not too big nor too small winter snow Beijing's earth will decorate the silver installs the white clothing, is exceptionally beautiful. Vast whiteness snowflake also lets winter dusky Beijing becomes has the affective tone especially, many people like photographing at this time, under the record different kind Beijing lives, recorded has gotten down the happy life intravenous drip.

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