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18 يناير 2012
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A Story About JewelleryAs early as 1982,pandora website, the goldsmith P. Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie opened a gold jewellery shop in the Danish capital of Copenhagen, They often traveled to Thailand to search for the initial number of raw materials, as the business development and growth, 5 years later they set up their own jewelry factory. In Frandwen designer arrived, they formally established the style of jewelry - Pandora Style (PANDORA's style) .1999 years, Pandora jewellery uk with its personality,pandora shop, fashion design style quickly capture the market,cheap pandora hearts, it become a popular trend in Europe and the United States. P. Enevoldsen and Winnie PANDORA determined to make a global brand, and now Pandora charms sale and popular in United States, Canada, UK, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and many other countriesSee More: Cheap Pandora Jewelry Pandora Earrings sale 网站统 pandora silver beads Buy Allegoric Necklaces 4 Str Pandora Bracelets Pandora Necklaces - UK Online Pa cheap pandora necklaces Many Category Of NBA Jerse

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