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28 ديسمبر 2011
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Commanded troops the brand as our country down clothing profession, the card Zhu rice once had started a down clothing fashion tide in the last century, this brought the vigorous development for the down clothing profession. Today, card Zhu Mijiang the health, the environmental protection,Moncler Men Coats, the low-carbon idea implants the product and the enterprise development aspects, and through the formidable continually innovation ability, went out humanist which is characteristic "the healthy low-carbon" road of the development.The field public figure pointed out that the down clothing is the very specialized product, a healthy down clothing needs to projects and so on pH value, formaldehyde, azo dyes, color fastness to carry on examines strictly. Specially azo dyes, because has the carcinogenic ingredient, at present was already included China's overwhelming majority country to be forbid. But, because our country down clothing brand is numerous, many workshop's-like inferior brand enterprises, will cause the unqualified product to lay down to the consumer the serious safe hidden danger.As the environmental protection idea's initiator, the card Zhu rice very much has taken the down clothing product the healthy quality, does not hesitate in the clothing lining and the environmental protection design aspect to invest the large amount of money to carry on the research and development. As early as card Zhu Mijiu took the lead in 1995 with the European Union environmental protection standard trail connection,Moncler Jackets, used including the azo dyes environmental protection down clothing, the use lining does not pass through against cancer to process, the environmental protection cutting edge who became our country down clothing profession.

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