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27 ديسمبر 2011
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The South Korean Litmus leisure installs its graceful and the lazy feeling, in addition overall design by brief, nature, fashion style primarily, through the detail unique production and the design attraction eyeball, makes widely known only in carelessly, is also actually ubiquitous, in with ease uses the fashion deduction mood with the individuality.Present's down clothing was already not the fashion disaster, just like is the moist person's individuality clothing. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple. Now the down clothing except had more individuality colors, the designers also joins gradually changed color, details and so on hich collar, fold, military uniform element. So long as grasps the fashion "the addition and subtraction" the principle, puts on the down clothing, can simultaneously have the warm sense of reality and the moving curve,Canada Goose Parkas, moreover already had a part of new product to enter discounted the season, now when doesn't buy treats?This winter the down clothing most major characteristic is wants the color to the winter, to want the curve, to want the fashion,Moncler Bags, even if is a black if also that kind glistens black.Increases except the color, this quarter's down clothing also has applied each kind of new lining, the glassy surface is the important popular element which this year matches, the shallow gold, the shallow silver are the most prominent gloss feeling colors, many brands use the clear surface lining, and joins against static electricity, the waterproofing, against to drill the fabric technical processing, causes the feather change to handle. TBJ is the casual attire which South Korea most receives welcome, is also leads the South Korean tidal current the main casual attire brand. Not only this brand's spokesman has South Korean entertainer Che Taixuan, but also has the international giant star Rain, TBJ main customer age level is situated between 16 to 25 year-old male and female young people.

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