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CADGorilla - Autodesk AutoCAD Inventor Revit (2011-2012)
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Autodesk's products can operate each! Even a gorilla. Do not believe me? Then the rates of CAD Gorilla prove it to you! Six courses from the ground up to help you quickly master the subtleties of communication with the products of AutoCAD, Inventor and Revit Architecture with specific examples. The material is presented in a highly available, sample files attached to the course, and the voices of Sean Bryant and Marivaux Herington will not give you any chance to sleep. After this course you will be able to draw their dream house in Revit Architecture, and a chair for him - in Inventor. you still do not know how to use AutoCAD, Inventor or Revit? Do not
be a gorilla - download courses from CAD Gorilla!

List Of Courses:

2011 AutoCAD Essentials
2011 Revit for Beginners
2011 Inventor for Beginners
2011 Inventor Essentials
2011 Inventor Drawings
2012 Inventor Advanced Parts

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