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19 فبراير 2011
مجموع الإعجابات
The Soacial Life of Small Urban Spaces
VLSI Test Principles and Architectures
Building Ideas: An Introduction to Architectural Theory
Process Plants: A Handbook for Inherently Safer Design, Second Edition
Architecture of Minoan Crete: Constructing Identity in the Aegean Bronze Age
The Big Book of Lofts
The History of Gauged Brickwork: Conservation, Repair and Modern Application
Architecture in Detail II
The Best of Lofts free
The Aesthetics of Architecture
Environmental Health and Housing (Clay's Library of Health and the Environment, V. 1)
'Indigenous Modernities: Negotiating Architecture, Urbanism and Colonialism (Architext Series
Category: Architecture Architecture and Authority in Japan free download
Urban Structure Matters: Residential Location, Car Dependence and Travel Behaviour
Proportion: Science, Philosophy, Architecture
Designer Profile 2010/2011: Germany, Austria, Switzerland (2 Vol. Set): Graphic Disign, Corporate Design & Multimedia Design / Industrial Design & Exhibition Design
Landscape Restoration Handbook
Architectural Engineering Design: Mechanical Systems
Materials for Architects and Builders, Fourth Edition
Prestressed Concrete: A Fundamental Approach
Smart Buildings Systems for Architects, Owners and Builders
Cool Hotels America
Cool Hotels: Africa/Middle East
Hart Wood: Architectural Regionalism in Hawaii
Towards a New Architect: The guide for architecture students
Rain Gardens - A How-to Manual For Homeowners
Aesthetics and Architecture (Continuum Aesthetics)
Portable Architecture
Cool Hotels
Freestanding Houses: A Housing Typology
Automation in Construction ~ Volume 18, Issue 7, Pages 865-1010, November 2009
Automotive Lubricant Testing and Advanced Additive Development
Safety, Reliability and Risk Analysis: Theory, Methods and Applications (4 Volumes
Advanced Materials and Techniques for Reinforced Concrete Structures
Rapid Load Testing on Piles
Understanding Bridge Collapses
The Architecture of the Visible: Technology and Urban Visual Culture
Cement Chemistry, 2nd Edition
Vickers Industrial Hydraulics Manual
Modern Polymer Spectroscopy


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