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24 ديسمبر 2011
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Last night I added a safety on defense research, I am! study by a host who called Pat Malone, celebrities he is Paul, and FBI work , professor of police and the sea SEALS hand grid. The following construction is used , look at times, good enough,abercrombie canada! 1. Police reminder: the elbow is the most powerful parts of the body. From the past, the use of the elbow! 2. If you want criminals to the skin or bag, not to him, but skin or bag to go. Criminals are likely to interesting things than you, he'll get leather or package, is your escape. desperately run to the opposite direction! ! 3. If, after your quilt: the later kicked, go out of your hand hole, forced hand, people do not see you, but others see . Way to save lives. 4. women are often in things, eating and after work into the sub, then sat seat management things (eg, clear columns, etc.). One thousand will not do! criminals by the police situation, income, prestige take control of your line. into, immediately. 5. stand in the plane stopped and the attention to stop things: A. To Police : four weeks; look at the passenger seat and rear seats. (close to the child, pay attention to the end.) B. If your child stopped in the box next to the passengers into your child. are taking advantage of women prisoners to be more into the, her drag the box in the harm. C. police parked about your child. If a male is sitting in the most recent, best return materials center or public room, and get a guard or police to accompany you back. precautionary measure, students do not regret. (Size of the blame than the good life) 6. Never take the ladder, do not take the ladder. (ladder is a terrible place, easily overwhelmed by people, as the best crime) ; 7. If the predator has and you have under his control,abercrombie uk, ALWAYS RUN! A hundred times, only four criminals escape the head; even if he attacks you, most of the parts are not fatal, RUN! 8. body of women, I was sympathetic: Do not! be violent or harm of an increase. one called Ted? Bundy (Ted Bundy) is one of the prisoners Xiangmaotangtang and by well-educated people, is the use of female compassion. He walked with a cane or limp, and often asked people, or look at his son, taking advantage of aircraft victims. was recently told me that his friends in the evening to the mouth of a crying, ; endless late, and she very strange thing, so she hit the police. police sue her: It sounds like that climbed from the window near crying, her heart climbed on the street, quilt grind. police told her: I have sent people, how can not. police is a person who commits, the use of crying sound, to enable women to look out she was on the outside. However, not matter,abercrombie and fitch cheap, but the police have received more women to play, ; night from his home,YSL bags, to the outside and some other people cry news, not because to cry while. look Kaneko pieces for worship on six guilty send letters to all your female friends, one about to take. I had planned to send the letter to a female friend, but male friends, if you your , wife, sister, female, etc., you to rate him ... ... 相关的主题文章: cheap uggs uk In the end is empty terror , drugs , or terror . abercrombie new york Eight jokes

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