Handbook of Mechanical In-Service Inspection

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24 سبتمبر 2008
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This comprehensive sister volume to Cliff Matthews highly successful Handbook of

Mechanical Works Inspection gives a detailed coverage of pressure equipment and other mechanical plant such as cranes and rotating equipment.
Key features:

Accessible source of information
Lavishly illustrated with numerous diagrams, photographs, and tables
A wealth of valuable information
Detailed, comprehensive coverage
Written in easily accessible style
A must buy reference book
The Handbook of Mechanical In-Service Inspection is a vital source of information for:

plant owners and operators maintenance engineers
inspection engineers from insurance companies and competent bodies who perform in-service inspection
health and safety operatives
engineers operating pressure systems and mechanical plant
all those concerned with the safe and efficient operation of machinery, plant, and pressure equipment.
All engineering pressure systems and other types of mechanical equipment must be installed, operated, and maintained properly. It must be safe and comply with standards, regulations, and guidelines. In-service inspection is more formally controlled by statutory requirements than other types of inspection. The Handbook of Mechanical In-service Inspection puts a good deal of emphasis on the compliance aspects and the duty of care requirements placed on plant owners, operators, and inspectors.

The book is suitable for those who operate pressure systems, lifting equipment, and similar mechanical plant are subject to rigorous inspection from external bodies as a matter of course. All operators have a duty to conduct in-service checks and internal inspection procedures to ensure the safe, reliable, and economic running of their equipment.

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