The Technology of Offshore'Drilling, Completion and Production

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20 أكتوبر 2010
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The collection of articles contained herein represents a​
unique effort by the international training company, ETA Off-shore Seminars, Inc., to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date
learning tool for the offshore petroleum industry. At a time
when a severe shortage of trained rig personnel exists, the need
for quick and efficient teaching devices is critical.
The multifaceted direction of this book is designed to accom-modate not only the newcomers to the industry but also the personnel. The articles cover both introductory aspects
of offshore drilling, completion, and production and further
delve into the technical details normally not found in beginner
texts. The authors, who represent vital segments of the offshore
industry, are leading experts in their fields.
The staff of ETA Offshore Seminars, Inc. gratefully acknow-ledges the dedication and hard work contributed by each of the
authors in the preparation of the articles. The publication of a
text of this nature is a tribute both to the contributors and to the
industry for which it is written. The compilation of such a vast
amount of knowledge and expertise under one cover is a tre-mendous accomplishment.
I would also like to acknowledge the efforts and long hours
spent in the preparation of this volume by Ralph G. McTaggart,
Bonnie S. Somyak and Susan Huey also the staff ofETA Offshore
Seminars, Inc.
R. Stewart Hall
Chairman ofthe Board,
ETA Offshore Seminars, Inc.

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