Towards Intelligent Building In Yemen


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7 مايو 2009
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Towards Intelligent Building In Yemen A dissertation submitted by Eng. ABDULLAH HAMSAN in fulfillment of the requirements of Research Project Submitted: November, 2009 ABSTRACT 1. INTRODUDCTION It is our divine duty and obligations to protect our environment in whatever ways we can for our own benefits and also for our future generations. This project deals with this intention and narrowed down to energy conservation in buildings which is most suitable in densely built up city like Singapore. 2. BACKGROUND The definitions of an intelligent building can be systemically classified by the information and control services that serve the needs and expectations of the occupants. The specially designed controlling software and actual electronic hardware and devices installed within the structure that manipulate the telecommunications and building automation functions are necessary to create such a facility. Thus, the study of Intelligent Building is now a common topic worldwide. In our current quest for modernization in this particular scope, there are two areas which deserve added attention, both from the research and professional communities. Designers need to break discipline -oriented patterns and embrace a team approach to ensure that the building owner receives the best product possible. Hence, everyday, building designers face exciting new challenges in incorporating new and innovative technologies in designing an efficient integrated intelligent building in areas of the building structure and its mechanical and electrical systems. The innovative technologies would need to ensure that the end users achieve the utilization of its abilities in conserving energy. For this project, a public building named ‘Housing Development Board, Hub’ as elected. ii ENG4111/4112 - Research Project, 2006 3. OBJECTIVES The aim of this project is to evaluate the energy efficiency implications of using Intelligent Building Automation system (IBAS) in HDB Hub. The purpose being: i. To determine how IBAS system manage the energy usage in HDB Hub ii. To determine whether the IBAS really helps to save energy. iii To suggest some recommendations to attain a better energy conservation. 4. METHODOLOGY Case study approach was used for this dissertation, as this approach is the best approach to clearly depict the importance of IBAS in a public building. A detailed research was carried out with all the available information. To complement this, interviews with public users and people working inside the building. Relevant dissertations, journal, handbooks on energy efficiency are read to develop the background of this study. 5. CONCLUSION This project will conclude with the analysis of all available information in detail to determine whether the building currently understudy is indeed energy conservative. Recommendations and suggest would be provided if determine to be helpful in further improvement on the energy conservation effort. i


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