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2 مايو 2007
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Understanding the tensile properties of concrete
Jaap Weerheijm,
ISBN: 0857090453 | 2013 | PDF | 420 pages | 47.2 MB

This book looks in depth at the properties and behavior of concrete under tension, a phenomenon that can cause catastrophic failure of concrete structures if it is not properly factored into the design stage.
After an introduction to concrete, the book is divided into two parts: Part one on static response and part two on dynamic response. Part one starts with a summary chapter on the most important parameters that affect the tensile response of concrete. Chapter three shows how multi-scale modeling is used to relate concrete composition to tensile properties. Part two begins by explaining the different regimes of dynamic loading, ranging from the low frequency loading by wind or earthquakes up to the extreme dynamic conditions due to explosions and ballistic impacts. Chapters review dynamic testing techniques and devices that deal with the various regimes of dynamic loading and highlight the dynamic behavior of concrete from different viewpoints. The conclusion contains practical examples of how detailed knowledge on tensile properties is used by engineers in structural applications.
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