Bridge Loads: An International Perspective


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5 نوفمبر 2007
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Author: Colin O'Connor (Author), Peter Shaw (Author) |
Size: 5 MB |
Format: PDF |
Publisher: Spon Press; 1 edition |
Year: October 27, 2000 | pages: 368 |
ISBN: 0419246002, 9780419246008

This book provides a detailed summary of bridge loads from an international perspective. The authors cover all aspects from the methodology behind the calculation of bridge loads and the complex interactions between loads and bridges, to economic considerations. A wide range of bridge loads are covered, including highway vehicle loads, pedestrian loads, railing loads and wind loads. The structure and design of bridges to accommodate these loads are examined and examples provided. Different modes of failure and current codes of practice are also covered.
This book is unique in its exclusive examination of the loading and will be a useful handbook for structural engineers and designers involved in bridge construction. It is also recommended to senior undergraduates and postgraduates of structural engineering and bridge design.

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