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11 ديسمبر 2010
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Vinod Sharma , R.N. Agarwal., “Planning Irrigation Networking and OFD Works”
New Age International | 2005 | ISBN: 8122423280, 8122416159 | 158 pages | PDF | 1,2 MB

Planning of an Irrigation project, particularly mega projects like IGNP.
Sardar Sarover requires prime importance. Such projects are meant for
hundreds of years to come. The impact of such projects on environment,
economic, social, institutional on the area covered is drastic and in short
span of implementation there would be a sea change in life style of the
We, the Irrigation engineers owe particular responsibilities towards
the nation, to bring maximum area under irrigation. The lands are limited
and cultivable area has almost reached a plateau. So to feed the increasing
population with limited lands, sustainable irrigation is a must.
Any ill planning may create havoc. Where as proper long term
based planning may be sustainable and keep the area blooming for the
times to come.

This small book is the out come of the problems faced by the authors
during their working in the field in various capacities, as well as difficulty
faced by farmers. Department find it in dilemma, when farmer brought
their genuine demand for commanding of their lands by canal system.
Authors feel perturbed, why farmers and nation should suffer for the
lapses in planning in canal network, OFD works by the department. In
IGNP some six lacs ha area which could have been covered by flow
canals has been left out. This is attributed to non-existence of any survey,
planning policy, Execution of canal system, and on farm development
(OFD) works uncoordinated.
This has prompted the authors to bring out some book on Survey and
Planning, Canal network and OFD works. The aim is not fault finding but
to stress that Survey and Planning are the keys for the optimum use of
national resources and sustainable irrigation. Hitherto Survey and Planning
is totally neglected.
Authors are greatly indebted for inspiration received from our fellow
Engineers in IGNP, CAD & WAPCOS.
The authors greatfully acknowledge the help taken from many standard
works on irrigation, studies and other national and international publications.
We wish to express our sincere thanks to M/s New Age International
(P) LTD Publishers particularly Saumya Gupta for having expressed his
confidence in publishing this book.
The authors would feel gratified to receive comments from our fellow
practicing engineers for whom this book is meant as a reference book.

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