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24 ديسمبر 2011
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(Reporter Liu Feng ,cheap nike free, correspondent Jin Lei Han Bing Lu Jianxiang ) the false Yanfan Chen after his release actually incitement to revenge tobacco law enforcement officers to retaliate ,cheap abercrombie and fitch, the results of accidental injury to others . Yesterday ,nike free run womens, Chen Procuratorate new continents . Chen Department of Xinzhou District, Lee set Street, the private owners . April 7, 2008 , he was trafficking in counterfeit cigarettes Caidian District Tobacco Monopoly Bureau seized $ 12 million counterfeit cigarettes have been confiscated . For the crime of illegal business after Chen was sentenced to six months . 10 in 2008 ,abercrombie outlet, Chen released from prison . He not only did not repent , also involved in the seizure of the work of Xinzhou District Tobacco Monopoly Bureau of the bar of a grudge . Earlier this year, Chen became acquainted with young people in society Moumou ( at large) , and thus the employment the idea of Lee retaliation Pakistan . On the afternoon of January 19 this year , Chen described the Moumou license plate number of a bus physical characteristics and the driving ,nike free 7.0, hands - on January 20 ,abercrombie kids outlet, 0900,ysl handbags, a bus driving and colleagues in the Wang Street Moumou such as interception . Pakistan a colleague was mistaken for a bar in a Moumou and other pierced four knives,ysl shoes, sustained minor injuries . night of the murder ,yoga pants, the arrest of Chen . Yesterday , the New Island 's Procuratorate on suspicion of intentional assault approve the arrest of Chen . the 相关的主题文章: abercrombie and fitch uk The bad son holding stick nike free 5.0 v4 Man pull his wife breathing tube