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21 فبراير 2012
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The market merchants questioned Sanya the Yacheng water Nancun mart health fee charges confusion city management team admit: closing six alternatively seven million monthly sanitation fare weekly News Sanya cliff cities plus towns water Nancun cliff towns vegetables gathered over the years amplified a active bazaar business people Into the winter,each day since there are hundreds of cars the size of trucks, tractors plus out of Sanya vegetables transported to other provinces. Cliff town judgment enforcement element of 2-20 per month sanitation fare charged apt the vegetable conveyance out of the water, South Village,plus apt do happening in the avenue hawker stalls dictate excess health costs, the move occasioned some discontent among the masses. the reporter Ma Junhu txt / blueprint everyday closing the sanitation fare of 2000 yuan Reporter analyze pedestal the cliff towns chased squadron charged apt the vegetable conveyance out of the water Nancun health fare A source told the reporter,circling peasants tractor tug trays apt the water Nancun market sell local peasants can be free,overseas peasants would disburse two yuan health. Large trucks apt tug trays every hold a automobile apt disburse a health fare of 20 yuan. A scarp town inspectors apt participate among fare calculations,scarp towns chased squadron charged the health fee every daytime there are 2000 yuan, plus tractors, shops plus stalls to disburse the health fare receive a every month health fare of the precipice towns chased squadron of six alternatively seven million, which does never include hygiene west of the village more than 30 collection stations received fees plus fines.dictate a health fare namely not characteristic standard, how much, how much. To verify the situation, the reporter interviewed the landlord of the affair of many water Nancun. The shopkeeper said,almost always the shops and stalls have to expenditure apt the precipice towns chased Squadron health costs, fees vary. A metal grocery store landlord told reporters that his first sexual intercourse six months of health costs a absolute of 300 yuan, an mean of 50 yuan per month,but afterward door apt a mart owner has told reporters that he pay 100 yuan a month sanitation fee Other small stalls health costs are never the same. Stall selling barbecue apt disburse 100 yuan per month sanitation fare health fare of 100-200 greenbacks per month, fruit stand,by least every month longing have to disburse 30 yuan. A fruit stall, told reporters: years apt disburse the health fee of 2400 yuan. In a restaurant, a reporter asked the landlord every month how much to disburse health costs, a amenable boss said $ 100 per month. questioned the health costs unaccounted for the cliff towns chased squadron to receive the health fare some vegetables toll station owner expressed his understanding. A boss said: The occasional money invoicing. Reporters perceive among the water Nancun interview the day along yesterday, two vegetables collection stations apt pay health costs,Chanel Bags Tote Net post exposure Linfen, Shanxi Province , a leading parent He,yet did never obtain an invoice,never even a invoice.happening landlord said. reporters among an interview,chapter of the inspectors plus the masses expressed doubts nearly the whereabouts of the health costs. vegetables collection stations are responsible as Mr. Zhang said: We offer a appealing happening environment,Cheap Chanel Bags 2.55,and health fees collected in the annihilate spent what go Survey reporter telephone contact apt the scarp town decree enforcement element of the Bear division captain, the Bear division that received the health costs only agent head Li Ji fine clear The reporter contacted the surrogate brain of the Li Ji fine, The Liji fine said: card the Liji fine said the fare authority has expired and is currently beneath reiterate Liji fine, told reporters: disburse the health fare of 100 yuan,and some expenditure 200 yuan,plus occasionally with a chamber to pay 200 yuan / month,and occasionally to pay 100 yuan / month, how is this going we do not arbitrarily, health fees received by each chamber is 30 yuan / month. kinds of situations, I would favor apt investigate,amid the end who namely overcharged. Some estimates to receive a every month health costs 67 million yuan, the The Liji fine which said: apt gather health fees have been much vendors refused to monthly sanitation fees charged different fees total about more than 20,Chanel Tote Bags,000 yuan, urban management plus conveyance oil costs, maintenance costs, we have to take up a lot of money, with sanitation workers broom every 50 yuan, a sanitation workers a daytime aboard mean namely necessary apt use a erroneous one spending a lot of the money collected namely constantly not enough The fare namely reasonable,Chanel Bags Outlet, the trash according apt the total of charge the issue of fees for the Cliff urban water Nancun health fare the reporter interviewed the Sanya Municipality. Price Bureau cost and charge management Yuan Xingxiu section capital told reporters: Sanya, a fare is reasonable,but from December this anniversary the province issued a file called the health fare,afterward called the trash. Cliff urban water Nancun health fare charges vary standards,Chanel Bags Tote, Yuan Xingxiu chief of the down of the current regulations,GHD Scarlet Collection Man was kidnapped cleverly, the trash namely received in accordance with the amount of 155 yuan per ton apt gather trash, the booth's everyday production of waste never as much junk and more can be overcharged, such as food plus drink industry fees and retail industry namely not the same. Yuan Xingxiu section chief said the present policy has equitable introduced never long antecedent some departments are never very explicit,then annual want be gradually standardized.

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