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16 فبراير 2012
مجموع الإعجابات
Students from the signaled 20-floor window falling. ,True Religion Straight Leg Jeans Gang dome mounted sliding nickel and truck igno dome flatten,True Religion Bootcut Jeans Mens, leaving traces of blood among the groove. Xinhua Guizhou Channel aboard October 26, correspondent Qi Jian, Zhang Ningyu) Guiyang, Guizhou, a 10-year-old boy from the 20th ground above the falls,True Religion Skinny Jeans Sale,buffet a automobile miraculously survived. Currently, the chap still in the Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital neurosurgery hospital for observation, vital signs were settled aboard the morning of 25-year-old chap who lives among Guiyang City,True Religion Jeans Womens, Yan Building 10 Xiaoxiao (a pseudonym) accidentally falling from 20 stories lofty Alarm,Ghd South Africa 57_10458, Nanming District, Guiyang City, the Xinhua Road police station, a surname handsome police immediately rushed apt the scene. He told reporters,movie surveillance and investigation, Xiaoxiao was ascended up from the ground gulf window of virtually 50 cm between the 20-floor lift because of the windows did never shut, combined with rain raining deliberately slip falls. entirely broken,True Religion Hoodies Womens, the dome smashed a Wowo right rear tire was pressed on the blot ruptured The micro boy the head pointing towards the rear windshield of the car impartial the rear chair namely placed a small pillow apt arrest folk pedestal the still wind of a small chap he was immediately rushed apt the hospital. Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital crisis division physician check-ups Xiaoxiao Lijian Yang said, from the CT findings, the boys brain subarachnoid bleeding, the remaining parts of the signs of bleeding, limb plus The cervical spine and not apparent signs of rupture he just landed on the roof plus rear windshield, tempered glass from the damping accomplish of the buffer,plus the child's ligament conditions are relatively appealing so there is no apparent rupture Xiaoxiao was subsequently transferred apt neurosurgery. Reporter contact the Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital aboard the 26th Up apt swiftly Xiaoxiao still among the hospital for observation plus remedied with stable vital signs. smashed car employers Mr. Du likewise live in the country Yan Building, he said: > Li Lun, the incident States Yan Building property treatment charge the corporation has apt consider raising the fence top of,and apt reinforce the admonition publicity,apt avert the recurrence of alike incidents.