Carbon Steel Corrosion - Bypass Tower


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21 أبريل 2006
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Current Material - A 36 or A 515

Environment - chlorides (~1.5%); SO2 ( ~ 0.13%) and coal (~ 1% S)

Mechanism : The gas entering the system will be around 1100 C, and will be quenched by fresh air down to about 350 C. Most of the chlorides and alkalis should condense on the dust. The gas / dust stream then will pass to the conditioning tower (bypass). NOTE: Basically, one of the the fuels the plant will use is a liquid waste from the manufacture of industrial chemicals, which leads to the high amount of chloride present in the fuel. The chloride will be in liquid phase from the storage tanks up to the burner pipe , after which point it will be a vapor. The vapor will condense to a solid coating in the cooler portions of the tower


Would a 50 % / 50 % Cr - Ni alloy be an overkill to avoid both pitting and general corrosion , as well as sulfidation ? Any alloy suggestions The current carbon steels in use are not lasting too long

Regardless the alloy selected , would carbon steel thermal sprayed with the new selected alloy be an option

Have you ever heard about "FLUEGARD-425" as a coating option for gas conditioning towers

Any suggestions for the above questions would be greatly appreciated​

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