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  • انا طالب في الفرقة الثانية مدني وعايز اكمل دراسة في الخارج .. ممكن تساعدني اختار جامعة كويسة وتعرفني التفاصيل من تكاليف دراسة واقامة وغيرها

    Please try TWO TIMES. I receive the same error when try to access!

    Please give me a yell if you didn't go through.


    Is it urgent?!? If not, can get some resources form the UTS "University of Technology, Sydney"! But within two weeks, otherwise may arrange an on line access, so you can hop in & rock n' roll!

    I am pleased and happy to contact
    i am from Iraq i want to help me in thesis and my thesis about (The effect temperature on engineering behavior on the soil) can you help me ? for the sources?firstly, i am grateful to you,and i am waiting your answer.fatma
    Hi Meee
    As I understood you have been working as project manager, that's why I am asking you for your support.
    I have begun to creat a business case for one of my products.
    Could you please let me know if you have an example slide of any business case presentation that I can use as a reference for my presentation? Thanks
    Assalamu Alykom Mr. Meee,
    I am writing to you concerning immigration to Australia. I already know that you live there at the time. I hope that you are happy and enjoying your life.
    I can say that I am in the middle of the immigration way. I am preparing my CDR to send my application to Engineers Australia for qualification assessment. I believe that I have a good chance to have my qualifications recognized by them. There is only one paper I am trying to have these days. It is the reference letter from my current employer.
    I need your kind advice about my decision regarding immigration to Australia. Many people encourage me, especially my wife's uncle who have been living there several years ago. About my circumstances, I am 40 years old Egyptian civil engineer, married and have three children.
    The main objective that motivated me to immigrate that I believe that I would secure better future for my children there. I believe that I shall never secure such future in Egypt.
    I need your advice. I would be thankful to you if you told me something about your experience since you decided to immigrate till you found your first job . I can see that your occupation is Contracts Administrator. How hard it is to find such a job in Australia?
    I intend to settle in Melbourne where my wife's uncle live, especially that he will be my sponsor. What is your opinion?
    I am sorry for that long letter but I really need your advise.
    Thank you very much in advance.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Wa alykom Alsslam

    Thank you for your lovely message & Best New Year wishes to you too Sherif . Trust this will be one of your best years mate.

    Kind Regards,
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