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  • Hello friend I'm from Algeria I'm an engineer in metallurgia I work for petiolum company I'm a static equipment inspector how about you?
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    جزاك الله خيرا على كل مجهوداتك ونفعك للاخرين
    ولو تكرمت وترفع كورس ال asme تانى يبقى كتر خيرك
    Dear my friend, i found your very helpful share on this forum.i am working in a tunnel construction company. we are going to buy a slurry type tbm. we need ASME B31.11 for calculate pressure losses in slurry transportation system. if you have a copy i would like to have one. my e-mail is


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    i have also some other standards if you tell me i can also help you in BSI, DIN standards. thank you in advance.
    يا ريت استاذي الكريم تبعت ب*****ك لاني بحاجة شوية معلومات منك
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